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smarter Roborock S6
Roborock S6

Bring home smarter

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IF design award

Product design award

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Adaptive routing handles spaces up to 20% faster1.

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Pull up every speck, even from deep inside carpets

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Clean one room, multiple rooms, or your entire home.

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Clear up when dust appears, any time in the day or night

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Sweep and mop simultaneously for gleaming floors

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Goes where you want it

S6 knows your kitchen from your playroom, bedroom from living room2. Its high-accuracy laser rangefinder spins at 300rpm as it scans your rooms. Data is then sent through a custom algorithm to produce an up to 98% accurate floorplan map. Now you can schedule cleans for a single room, multiple rooms, even your whole home. Housekeeping has never been this easy.

Smarter is faster

Watching your robot vacuum bumble around randomly is frustrating. But S6 doesn’t bumble. Using a powerful 32-bit quad-core processor, the same kind found in smartphones, it calculates the best and fastest route for cleaning each room. And of course, it doesn’t miss an inch.

faster Roborock S6

Sense, avoid, and more

While S6 roams your home, you can relax. A massive sensor array with an accelerometer, odometer, infra-red cliff sensors, compass, and more (14 sensor types in all) give it 360° of sensing. This powers its navigation, stops it from falling, helps it avoid getting trapped, and keeps your home décor safe.

Roborock S6 virtual barrier

Drop invisible walls

Keep S6 from things you want to protect, without messing around with magnetic strips. All you need to do is drop a virtual barrier or draw a no-go zone in the app2 and you’re good to go. Virtual barriers and no-go zones can be as small as 1.3ft (0.4m) and as large as 33ft (10m). Use them to protect everything from small vases to entire rooms.

Breathtaking suction

Powerful suction that can lift AA batteries pulls dirt and pet hair off wooden floors as easily as it dredges it up out of carpets. Created by a fan spinning at 1500rpm and channeled through advanced airflow systems, S6 suction is effectively constant. Even when the dustbin is full. That makes this possibly the best robot vacuum for picking up after your pets or kids.

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Roborock S6 suction 1
Roborock S6 suction 2
Roborock S6

Tough but gentle

A brand-new cleaning brush has boosted bristle density by 250%. And the bristles are softer too. Even when spinning at 1350rpm it is soft on your floors but hard on dust.

quiet Roborock S6

Whisper quiet

Clean up whenever you need to. Advanced sound suppression design means S6 is not only 50% quieter than the S5. It sounds better as well. It turns the harshness of typical vacuum noise into a softer sound that doesn’t intrude, even during late night cleaning.

Roborock S6 vacuum and mop 1 Roborock S6 vacuum and mop 2

Not just a vacuum

Give your floors a brighter shine. Just snap the S6’s mop unit on, adjust how much water you want to use, and it becomes a robot cleaner able to vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Roborock S6 water flow

Even Water Flow

Water flows smoothly across the entire mop for an even wipe

Disposable mop pads

Attach, mop, and throw out. Mopping has never been this easy

Roborock S6 mop pads
Roborock S6 recharge

Auto recharge

Before it runs out of power, S6 will recharge and then carry on

Easy maintenance

Quickly maintain or swap out parts to keep S6 cleaning at 100%

Roborock S6 maintenance
Roborock S6 cable tidy

Integrated cable tidy

Tuck away the charging dock cord and keep your home sleek

Voice control

Control S6 with your voice. Just say the words.

Roborock S6 voice control