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Why Choose a Roborock Cleaner?

Sweeping & Mopping

Every Roborock cleaner is a both a powerful vacuum, and an innovative mopping robot.

Intelligent Route Planning

The simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm cleans in the most effective pattern every time.

App Control

Leveraging the Mi Home App, Roborock cleaners integrate perfectly into your modern smart home.

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Roborock cleaners are a featured product on Amazon, due to our high rating and wealth of positive reviews.

I went through 4 high end vacuums before finding this one! I work in IT and specifically with AI. I've been nothing short of impressed! The mapping is outstanding.
You won't find a better Robovac within their price range. The Roborock S5 beats every other robot vacuum when it comes to suction. I consider the S5 as my best purchase made in 2018.
This is BY FAR the best money I’ve ever spent. Not only is my place always clean, but the vacuum is easy to maintain. No pet hair entanglement, and super effective.